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About Us

About us:

Since January 2000 Johan Cillié, owner of Laser and Ink, has been offering a printer cartridge refilling service.

As the years went by the cartridge business grew and got rewarded with thousands of happy loyal customers.

We offer new original, generic and refilled cartridges and also have a limited amount of printers for sale.

Our well trained staff will assist you in all your printing needs and help you save a little more on consumables.


At Laser and Ink we make sure our customers get the service they deserve.

For your convenience we offer you the following services:

•Collect and deliver of cartridges (ONLY IN THE HELDERBERG AREA)

•We also offer courier services

•Printer service and repairs

•Refill cartridges

•Re-spool ribbons


Printer heads can get clogged if the printers have not been used in awhile or a print cartridge has been empty or stored for a long time.

Clogs in print heads can cause problems with the print job quality.

Therefor try not to leave your printer without ink as it can cause damage to your printer and may lead into a bigger problem.

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