Laser and Ink Cartridges

To help you choose which printer will best suit your needs

Laser vs Inkjet

As we all know, there is a big difference between Laser and Inkjets in terms of cost, speed, performance and printing quality.

So which printer is best for your home, office or small business?

Firstly you should take note of what your printing volume's are,

If you are looking to print professional black and white documents and print more than 20 pages daily a Laser printer would be the ideal choice.

If you print only a couple sheets a day and looking to save some space in your work place, a Inkjet printer will be the best option.

It all comes down to how many pages you print daily.

Black VS Color Printing

When choosing between a Laser and Inkjet printer ask yourself if you are printing color documents with images and graphics.

Should image quality be an important factor, then a Inkjet printer is best to offer you higher quality graphics and image prints but has a slower printing speed.

Cost per page

High quality color images cost more to print, therefor Inkjets will have a higher cost per page than Laserjet printers.

If you print out high volume color documents with high quality graphics, logos and images, best is to to go for a fast, high volume Inkjet printer with a low cost per page.

If you want to save on your new Inkjet or Laserjet printer, try our cost effective, eco friendly ink and toner cartridges.

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